September September.. Where did you go?

Well you went to Asia- First you went to Seoul and then to Bali... And then you made it to the Hawaiian Islands just in time for October.

As I recap on the last month or so of travels there is a subtle but strong undercurrent, gratitude.

My first trip to South Korea was a success. I was immediately drawn to the clean streets, friendly faces, and pleasant order of the city. I was lucky enough to stay at the beautiful Park Hyatt for a couple days. These days started with an incredible sunrise from the 24th floor.. the gym, the pool. and the spa captured my attention for hours each morning. The staff was exceptionally pleasant. We enjoyed the history, the DMZ line, the ballet, and the food.

Next : Bali and I finally meet.

Bali has been one of those places for me over the last few years. A place you know you need to get to ASAP because the second you heard about it... You just couldn't stop imagining what it might be like. I think my dear friend Zach says it best and I like to borrow what he told me when I asked him, "how long have you been coming here?"

He took a moment before he answered with something like this : Bali was my first international trip back in 1993. This place changed the trajectory of my entire life... He goes on to tell me a colorful story of one of his very first mornings in Bali. About how he's up early at 5:30AM walking down the road, checking the waves, getting ready to surf, excited.. And he sees an offering on the ground in front of him (if you have been to Bali I'm sure you have a very clear visual right now, and if you haven't you will after you go!). Frozen for a moment while looking down on flowers and a lit incensce showing a sign of gratitude or a simple offering to the gods... Blown away by the grateful and genuine spirited people of Bali, Zach has been spending months of each year there ever since. He added his own light and stories to the equation and to the beliefs that were already sprouting in my heart. This place is special- one of the most special in the world and I am so lucky to be here right now and really... I don't want to leave. 

It's funny having spent time in Asia this year for the first time ever. Two big international trips.. And I've come to realize even more that no matter where I go and how different the places might seem, we people are more alike then we are different. Always. And I am always so shocked when I pass by a mirror at the mall or airport and see myself sticking out like a giant giraffe- At 6'0 feet tall I don't quite blend in as well as I imagine, but it sure feels that way to me!

I have to say my trip to Bali went by fast, too fast. For me twelve days was just a preview. I was able to preview and stay at some incredible hotels. 

Including :

-The New : Mandapa, A Ritz Reserve in Ubud

-Amandari, Ubud

-The Ritz Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua

-Bulgari, Uluwatu

Each property is so special and I can recount all the little details as I type. The visuals are magical!!!! 

If you are interested in traveling to Seoul or Bali I would love to share with you what I learned.