Center Stage :: Rosewood Las Ventanas, Cabo San Lucas

Today I am inspired to post about Rosewood Las Ventanas for a few reasons. The first being some of my favorite clients are heading there soon to celebrate a milestone birthday and I am so excited for them! It's been incredible to see the service quality and staff especially the "Director of Romance" assist us with making their stay unforgettable. Secondly, Cabo is the best. It's been an enlightening experience traveling with groups of very well traveled agents from all over the country in the last couple of years. I'm always learning something new. A group of us were recently discussing destinations and if you could only pick one to go back to year after year where would it be? I was shocked by how many chose Cabo. I was so surprised because some of these agents have been all over the world and are not hopping down to Cabo on a quick flight like we can from say Southern California. Convenience was not the key reason to love this destination, rather it was all about the hotels, the service quality, the views, the food, the ambiance, the weather and everything else Cabo has to offer as a destination. And lastly, this hotel is a piece of art. I can never decide if its more beautiful during the day or in the evening candlelit to perfection and as romantic as can be.