Take Me to Mexico :: Casa Majani

Traveling to Mexico has always been one of my favorite things. There's just a special feeling you get when you arrive that can not be mistaken for anything else. This month I got to re-visit that special feeling and enjoy a few days in Punta Mita at the STUNNING Casa Majani. I love staying at great resorts, but this private Villa that operates seamlessly and in full 5 star fashion has left quite the impression. The property itself is an art piece with intricate stonework and beatuiful architecture. It feels like your own mini resort with 5 large bedrooms, dreamy "I never want to leave" pool, yoga room, and sparkling oceanfront views. The staff is warm and delivers some of the most incredible service I have ever experienced... along with some of the best food and drinks I have ever had South of the border. This is the perfect place to escape with your family or a small group of friends, especially if you value privacy, luxury, and exclusivity. Or looking for a spot for an intimate yoga retreat or wellness getaway?

Please inquire with me to find out more! 

I love a good story..

Who Doesn't? Yesterday I sat and listened to a new favorite. 

The story of Relais & Chateaux...

A non-profit company born in France dedicated to the art of dining. Turned into quite possibly the most incredibly beautiful hotel collection that ever was and ever will be. Certainly after an 8 course meal complete with wine pairings one needs a plush bed to lay one's head, right?

R & C was born as renowned chef's opened their hearts and chateaux to old strangers. Diners, lovers, travelers, who took on miles to arrive and to dine. To experience a piece of art, a piece of life... 

I think about this story and think about the company R & C has become, the beauty and delicacy of their properties and the heart behind it all.

And I can't help but fall...


Featured Hotel by R & C : Le Couvent des Minimes Hôtel & Spa : Mane, France

Croatia : Beauty + Form

I love when new clients inspire new locations...

Croatia is one of those magical places that isn't on EVERYONE's travel to do list. Thank goodness. If it were, it probably wouldn't feel quite as special as it does...

A dear friend and co-workers just returned from Hvar and could not stop raving. The tune goes something like this : incredible, laid back and casual, inexpensive but amazing food, boats, island hopping, great wine, the coolest beach bars, and natural beauty for days. Go for a week in Hvar and then spend a few days exploring and viewing all the beauty by Yacht.

When planning for Croatia traveler's find it difficult to acquire the accommodations they seek. But not with us, we will get you situated just right. 

It's simply perfection, don't you think? 


Pasta is for Lovers :: Jon & Vinny's

I love spending the day in Los Angeles. You can pretty much count on LA to encompass these three things at any given time of year : great weather, traffic no matter what, and a hip new restaurant. This past weekend we took it upon ourselves to not make reservations (which I highly suggest you do!) and pop into Jon & Vinny's to experience the newest addition from Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. These two chefs entered the scene with their first restaurant "Animal" just up the street on Fairfax known for a manly menu full of bacon and every other form of meat imaginable with no substitutions granted. Unlike Animal, their newest addition proved to be quite friendly to vegetarians and food lovers of all types.

The most difficult part of the experience was trying not to order EVERYTHING. With an array of homemade pastas and beautifully crafted pizzas, it's hard to choose between the perfected classics and the innovative new comers. Helen who operates "Helen's Wine Delivery" will join your dinner table and guide you through her elegant selection of wines mostly coming from France, Italy, and California. Dining with a man who has the restaurant Animal on his mind, pizza with grilled Niman slab bacon on top known as Sunny's Favorite was an obvious must. I'm not one to put bacon on everything, but if I were it would taste something like this! Their special, a salad with arugula, peaches, and local burrata cheese was so fresh and delicious it ended up being the most memorable part of our meal. Next we had to try the White Lightning , mostly because I thought the name was so cool and also, I love jalapenos on a pie. Dessert was a serious masterpiece. So do yourself a favor and order the espresso soaked Tiramisu. And if you are smart like the diners next to us, you will also take one to go.. because you aren't going to want to wait til next weekend to have it again!

I look forward to returning to try some perfected classics like the six hour bolognese along with the ricotta and egg yolk ravioli. Maximum Occupancy of this place is 45, it's small, kindly dressed, and friendly.  Staff members also wear these words "Pasta is for Lovers," which pretty much had me from the start.

Love Food Will Travel

So if you are like me you know that traveling is about experiencing different aspects of someplace new. It's the location, it's the hotel, the service, the amenities, the fluffy robes and really, first and foremost we are talking about the food. Food is that key component in any culture, anywhere in the world. It's what brings people together. It's the simplicity, the commonality, the slow down, sit down, and savor. Where ever we may go, near or far, there is one thing that will always be paramount to our travels and that is the flavor.

Today we are talking about San Francisco. A place I like to visit as often as possible. Why? So many great reasons. First of all I love the people, I love how big and how small the city can feel all at once, and truly I love the food. From the corner coffee shops, to China town's odd sights and smells, to the Michelin Star stand outs and everywhere in between.

One of my favorite cozy and delicious neighborhood spots: NOPA

It's not everyday, at least not where I'm from that you find a place with the right amount of casual ambiance, a perfectly balanced wine list, and an open kitchen that serves the real deal til 1am. This is the kind of place you can go with a big group, a date, or alone and have an equally fabulous time. 

Now for the flavors. I have been here a handful of times and never have I ever been disappointed. My last visit was no exception. With four of us dining we were able to try a variety of different things, which is usually why I will invite you to dinner. We cleansed and prepared our pallets with a bottle of Rose from France. Our first dish was an Avocado Salad. An avocado salad that was dressed up and ready to surprise your taste buds. They seasoned this California fruit with the dressings of your traditional Hawaiian style Ahi Poke, minus the tuna. They did however include the fish eggs on top which added that perfect salty-mysterious flavor of the sea. The brussel sprouts we shared next were done just right. And to finish we shared burgers and fries. It's my personal belief you should always judge a restaurant not by it's most complicated extravagant dish, but by the pure simplicity of say the french fry. Let's just reassure you that our table was completely silent for about two to three minutes as we dove into the juiciest burger and perfectly paired fries I've experienced in quite a while. 

NOPA, I can not wait to see you again.  

Oh and did I mention the owner Jeff Hanak has collaborated with Urban Bee SF to create a hive project on the roof? This honey will showcase itself on both the food and cocktail list. Impressive.