Captivate me in Mykonos :: Tavo Cagoo

Looking for a hotel that is inspiring and artistic?

As beautiful as the scenery that surrounds it?

Tavo Cagoo on the island of Mykonos is one of those resorts that can only be described using photos. The delicate architecture, artwork, and incredible scenery is just the beginning. They also offer private jet, yacht, and helicopter services for their guests. Ready to plan your trip to Greece?? We can help you find the best resorts + add amazing perks for you to enjoy!!


Like a Dream :: Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

So a picture says a thousand words...

I think that saying applies well to this private island resort in Fiji. The rain forests, perfect beaches, sustainability practices, privacy, layout, cultural immersion, and beauty of this resort is unlike any other. The property is all-inclusive and guests enjoy delicious food grown on the island, refreshing cocktails, and activities like snorkeling, kite surfing, and even an hour ride in a submarine to see the magnificent marine life that surrounds the island's shores. I love that after people stay here they walk away proclaiming it's the best place in the world. Need I say more? Enjoy the photos and message me for more info, special perks, and booking details!