Croatia : Beauty + Form

I love when new clients inspire new locations...

Croatia is one of those magical places that isn't on EVERYONE's travel to do list. Thank goodness. If it were, it probably wouldn't feel quite as special as it does...

A dear friend and co-workers just returned from Hvar and could not stop raving. The tune goes something like this : incredible, laid back and casual, inexpensive but amazing food, boats, island hopping, great wine, the coolest beach bars, and natural beauty for days. Go for a week in Hvar and then spend a few days exploring and viewing all the beauty by Yacht.

When planning for Croatia traveler's find it difficult to acquire the accommodations they seek. But not with us, we will get you situated just right. 

It's simply perfection, don't you think? 


The Land of Smiles : Thailand

Earlier this month I had the fabulous opportunity to travel to Thailand. I could talk about my experience for hours. Our trip was full of unique activities, bright colors, fabulous hotels, and lots of sweet elephants. We worked our way from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai, and then finished on the picturesque beaches of Koh Samui. I left with a love for Thailand as a land and as a culture. 

For travelers Thailand has a bit of everything. Whether you are looking for constant entertainment in a city that never sleeps, a picturesque beach with turquoise blue waters, or a cultural experiences that will be in your heart forever. Thailand is the perfect place for the curious heart of a travel lover.

Hotels we stayed at : Anantara Bangkok, Four Seasons Tented Camps Golden Triangle, Four Seasons Chiang Mai, and Four Seasons Koh Samui.

Please inquire to plan your next trip to this magical land!

A Unique View of Maui :: Travaasa Hana

It's always refreshing to find a resort that is able to stand alone and offer something so different from the other resorts in a particular location. Travaasa Hana on Maui is that place. Seated on the coastline of Hana, this resort delivers genuine hospitality and encompasses the real feel of the Hawaiian culture. A hidden gem where you will relax, unwind, participate in daily activities, and enjoy the beauty of Maui without the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Ready to explore the seven sacred pools and other nearby attractions? Let us introduce you to a different side of the island!!

Like a Dream :: Laucala Island Resort, Fiji

So a picture says a thousand words...

I think that saying applies well to this private island resort in Fiji. The rain forests, perfect beaches, sustainability practices, privacy, layout, cultural immersion, and beauty of this resort is unlike any other. The property is all-inclusive and guests enjoy delicious food grown on the island, refreshing cocktails, and activities like snorkeling, kite surfing, and even an hour ride in a submarine to see the magnificent marine life that surrounds the island's shores. I love that after people stay here they walk away proclaiming it's the best place in the world. Need I say more? Enjoy the photos and message me for more info, special perks, and booking details!