Q: Why would one use a modern day travel consultant?

A: To save time, money, and utilize the expertise of a travel professional. If you are booking Luxury Hotels direct you are missing out on tons of complimentary perks that we can provide you, in addition we can VIP you and make sure you get the best rooms!

Q: How do I benefit?

A: By using a Travel Consultant you will not only get the best rates, rooms available, and priority, you will also receive complementary VIP benefits.

Q:  What can a travel agent tell me that the internet can't?

A: We travel, we have relationships all over the world, and we have first hand knowledge. The internet can overwhelm you with information, photos, and makeshift reviews. We have travel agents all over the globe dedicated to providing honest insight. We aren't the internet, we aren't trying to sell you something, we want to build a long lasting relationship with you. We want to know about you, your wants, needs, and expectations and we want to succeed in finding you the best options for your travels every time you pack your bags.